• A course entitled Analysis of Organismal Form (BL 3111) was offered for the first time in late 2004 and will be taught each year. This is delivered through the Internet, and enrolment of students from outside the University of Manchester is encouraged.
  • The material is equivalent to 18 lectures and discussion among participants. The next version will have interactive content added.
  • For further information, click here.

Genetics of phenotypic traits

  • A short module on the developmental connection between genes and phenotypes is offered as part of the Genetics RSM (BL 2332).


  • I have am teaching tutorials for students of the Faculty of Life Sciences

Final year projects: available topics

  • Empirical studies addressing specific issues on the development, genetics and evolution of organismal form. These projects will use morphometric methods to quantify shape, and will be related to ongoing projects in the lab. The course Analysis of Organismal Form is strongly recommended.
  • Theoretical studies on the genetics of phenotypic traits. These projects will use computer simulations of developmental processes to model the behaviour of traits.