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UK Degree Rankings: The Most Valuable Degrees In 2021

2021 UK Degree rankings

The desire to study at a reputable UK university, an international student metaphor for studying at any institution that is one of the oldest university in England, often surpasses the value of the degree. This primary value of a degree should be the employment opportunities that await you upon completion of studies.

Most Powerful Degrees and their Annual Salaries in the UK

1. Medicine and Dentistry degree: The UK has one of the best medical and research laboratories in the world. Due to a surge in demand for health workers, landing a befitting job is a certainty. Medical doctors in the UK earn an average of £45,000.

2. Business Administration and Management Degree: A degree in business administration and management is sure to earn graduates an impressive starting salary ranging from £17,400 to £25,700 in the UK.

3. Computer Science and IT Degrees: Irrespective of the university or college attended, there are tremendous opportunities for computer science and information technology graduates who earn about £30,000 on average as IT experts in UK firms.

4. Accounting & Finance Degree: Accounting and finance graduates are easily employable due to their demand in all fields and industries. Starting salaries for accountants in the UK start from £19,000.

Benefits of Working in the UK

In conclusion, the UK is one of the best study and work destinations, as jobs in the country come with added incentives, including; high salaries, chances for permanent residency, access to world-class health and educational facilities. The ideal UK degree rankings should prioritize employability over the age of the institution. It is therefore ideal to pursue your career in a discipline that guarantees immediate employment and decent starting pay along with good career prospects.