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UK Higher Education: Fast Facts You Should Know

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Two tortoise on a log that's partially submerged in water

An increasing number of individuals around the world are undertaking higher education. One country with some of the most established and prestigious universities in the world is the United Kingdom. In 2019, universities in UK had over 2 million students, a majority of them doing undergraduate programs. Residents also place a high value on the UK higher education system. Almost half of the residents between ages 30 and 34 have some tertiary level education, which is one of the highest scores in Europe.

The UK is the dream country for many grown adults. Students from all over the world enrol for undergraduate and postgraduate courses and universities in the country. Whether it is business, medicine, or engineering, the universities are known for providing quality education using the latest technologies. Below are a few other facts you should know.

Most Students Come From Asian countries

A huge number of international students in the UK come from Asia. UNESCO estimates that almost 44 per cent of undergraduate students arrive from Malaysia, India, and Hong Kong. At 35 per cent are undergraduate students from European countries such as Germany, Italy, and France.

The UK higher education system is famous for offering some unusual degrees. UK universities have a reputation for offering the most respected degrees in the world, but they also provide some unusual courses. An Ethical Hacking degree helps students understand the processes behind cyber attacks and hacking. Graduates from this course find lucrative positions in cybersecurity. Other unique degrees found in the UK include Puppetry Design and Performance, Floral Design, and Surf Science and Technology.

UK Higher Education and an Annual Tortoise Race!

Rivals Trinity College and Balliol College once held annual tortoise races. Each college presented a pet tortoise and both would race from the centre of a circle to the edge. The fastest tortoise was from Balliol College after completing the race in only four hours! Here are more weird facts:

  • The University of Warwick has a chocolate-powered car
  • The University of York has the largest duck population
  • Sanctified ground next to the Coventry University campus administration block

Age of Oral Exams

The last interesting and unusual fact about higher education in the UK is oral exams that were once in colleges. These exams occurred at the Divinity School, the first teaching and examination hall in Oxford. All exams were held orally, and locals could join in and observe the students.

Overall, education is a critical component of anyone’s life. It’s through education that an individual realises growth – materialistically and mentally. Apart from helping you get that dream job and gain riches, education opens the doors of knowledge so you see the world in a different light. As the facts above show, universities in the United Kingdom have come from far to become the prestigious institutions they are today.